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Emergency War Fund

When the October 7th war broke out, Pesia's Kitchen sprang into action. Realizing that food scarcity would become an issue, we quickly contacted wholesale suppliers of dry goods such as beans, rice, and canned goods. We raised emergency funds and volunteers began delivering easy to store food to NGOs in critical areas.

Pesia's Kitchen is currently contributing in 3 main locations

South Tel Aviv NGOs

Due to the war, many restaurants and the tourist industry closed, causing huge numbers of low-wage individuals who work in these industries to lose their income. Pesia's Kitchen immediately began deliveries to fifteen small NGOs in South Tel Aviv with strong connections to those affected families. Almost overnight a network of food relief was created where none existed before.


In the small town of Shlomi on the Lebanese border, Shelley Barkan has refused to evacuate and is still operating the only commercial kitchen in the entire border area. With rockets and bombs often falling around the town this steadfast woman and a handful of volunteers begin every Thursday morning cooking Shabbat meals for over 3000 soldiers. Pesia's Kitchen supplies essential ingredients.


The Bedouin city of Rahat, which receives minimal government support, had citizens killed and taken hostage on October 7th. There were real heroes from Rahat who risked their lives to save other Israelis. Some families in Rahat lost their breadwinners that day and desperately need help. Pesia's Kitchen makes weekly deliveries of food and supplies.

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