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Supporting Refugees in Israel

Zichron Group

Established in January 2012 by concerned citizens in response to the plight of Eritreans and Sudanese refugees in Israel. We are dedicated to providing necessities, financial assistance and other support to these vulnerable families, most of whom lack basic health insurance, unemployment benefits and other government support. These families fled genocidal conflicts in their homelands and experienced tremendous hardship and often horrific abuse as they made their way across the Sinai toward hoped for asylum in Israel. Upon arriving they were bussed to Levinsky Park in South Tel Aviv and effectively abandoned, destitute, cold and hungry.

How we began

Our journey began by providing basic necessities like blankets and food prepared in our homes to refugees living in Levinsky Park. There we met Gideon Ben Ami, who later cofounded Pesia's Kitchen. This chance encounter led to a more structured collaboration, allowing us to better serve the refugee community.

Our Mission

Over the years our dedicated volunteers have become a lifeline for many families we call our own. ​


Support for Families in Need

Provide financial assistance to refugee families referred by social service organizations and trusted contacts.


Emergency Medical Assistance

Cover costs for medical emergencies, including medications for dialysis patients and support for those recovering from surgery. We also provide assistance to families with children who require ongoing medical care.


Vulnerable Groups

Provide essential resources for refugees such as medical care, housing, coats, shoes and laptops for school-age children.


Financial Support

Offer temporary financial aid to refugees facing unforeseen challenges, helping them regain their independence and get back on their feet.

From Struggle to Strength

Stories of Resilience

The challenges faced by refugee families are truly immense. However, their stories are also filled with remarkable resilience and hope. Thanks to our support, we have been able to make a profound difference in their lives. Here are just a few examples.

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Stronger Together

We are proud to function as an official part of Pesia's Kitchen

In 2021 we merged with Pesia's Kitchen. This partnership allows us to combine our resources and expertise to create a more significant impact on the lives of those we serve.

Referral and Support Organizations

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Words of appreciation from ASSAF

Aid Organization for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Israel

Support and recognition of the complex situation of the refugees, who even in normal times deal with discrimination and are pushed to the margins of Israeli society, gives us strength and encourages us to continue our work.

This page is dedicated to the memory of Jonathan

Jonathan was a 14 year old Eritrean boy who used to sleep in Levinsky Park and died there of hypothermia in the winter of 2012

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